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So you might’ve heard the expression “the money is in the list”. This refers to the fact that 90% of internet marketers out there today are making money because of their huge lists of e-mail clients. While there are many different factors that go into generating success in the internet marketing industry, the most basic thing you’re gonna need is a colossal e-mail list to dish your service out to consumers directly. So if you’re interested in making money online, then listen up.

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In this article, I am going to detail the importance of having an email list and how to build a massive email list to communicate with and promote your services. This article will be broken into two parts, the first focusing on why you should build a big e-mail list, and the second discussing how to do so in order to maximize revenue.

Why A Massive E-mail List Matters

In the business of internet marketing, no matter what service you provide or what industry you’re in, if you don’t have people gaining awareness of your product then you’re not going to have any success. The best way to reach out to your audience online is through e-mail.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn don’t convert nearly as many sales an e-mail list. If done right, it’s a guaranteed way to get your service noticed by people since you’re contacting them directly. And if you’re trying to make money, then you want as many people on board as possible.

Now online success takes more than one strategy. You need to learn how to generate traffic. You need to monetize your site. But most importantly, you need to create a large audience base. This is done through collecting e-mails and building a big e-mail list. Let’s look at it from a numbers perspective.

Imagine a marketing guru sent out an offer that converted for $100.00. Now, if he had an email list of 100,000 people and only 0.1% of the subscribers purchased the offer, the guru would make $100,000, 1000 people times $100 equals $100,000.

By building an email list, you are laying the foundation for a profitable and sustainable business in the online marketing industry. However, a majority of online businesses often get their fundamentals completely wrong. Rather than focusing on the collection and building of an email list, they place more importance on traffic generation, thinking that just a bunch of visits to their site will get the money rolling in.

But if the incoming traffic is not converted into an email list, you will be undermining your efforts in the creation of a successful online venture. You need subscribers in order to get the information about your services out there frequently and efficiently, but you also need to establish a sense of trust that will ensure they’ll take part in what you have to offer.

You might have a list of 30,000 subscribers, but your potential income is only realized if your subscribers open the email, click on the link and purchase your product or service, which is why you should always provide valuable content and information to your subscribers.

This brings us to an extremely important, but often overlooked point: that the relationship you establish with your audience is quintessential to generating success in the online marketing industry. Having a big email list does not necessarily guarantee huge sales and profits. If the money were actually on the list, scammers would be billionaires. But we all know that this is not true.

What’s more important than the actual number of subscribers is the relationship that you build with them. Understanding the needs and desires of your subscribers and targeting them accordingly is a guaranteed recipe for success in the internet marketing world. Potential buyers won’t pay you any attention if they aren’t engaged with you or if they don’t know who you are.

You need to provide your prospective customers with valuable resources, information, and assistance in a way that isn’t overbearing or generic. If you provide value to your list, it will inherently create and perpetuate your relationship with them, which will then make them more susceptible to purchasing your product or service.

The reason why some people have the ability to make so much money with their email list is that they’ve attracted a certain audience with a certain problem or question. In turn, they were able to ask for their email in exchange for a solution to their problem or question.

They were able to identify and educate people in a certain niche and gain authority and credibility so that when they present an offer, people trust them enough to buy. Therefore, it’s the relationship that you build with your audience which will you give you the biggest payoff.

How to build a massive email list successfully

I mentioned how in order to gain your prospective clients’ trust, you have to do three things: One, target a particular niche. Two, identify the core problems and frustrations people are having. And three, use your email to teach and give advice on how to solve that problem.

This means that whatever service you are providing to your audience, the message that you send promoting said service must be focused and clearly identify who it’s targeting. So now you’re probably wondering what the next step is to get your message out there to your audience. Well in order to get people to share their email addresses, you have to offer something in return.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering something free, such as an eBook, video, or short report. However, you must ensure that it is high quality and relevant to the person signing up. Don’t just give away something for the sake of giving away something. Make sure the product you are offering for free has good value, something people can actually learn and put to use in their own life.

It is also important that you do not give too many freebies or your audience might be less willing to actually buy any of your products and services when the time comes. An eBook, video or report should outline the frustrations of your particular focus, and additionally, it should detail the solutions provided by your service.

This is your selling point right here, your “commercial” so-to-say. It gives the audience a clear understanding of what your business is and what you can do for them. Show that you care and understand what your audience needs by providing testimonials and your own personal story on the landing page. Ensure that your services are legitimate and highly beneficial.

Your report or ebook should be created by you and not a re-hash of someone else’s. This is the opening gig to establishing yourself as the expert in your niche. Provide a report or ebook that allows you to identify yourself as understanding the problems and concerns people are having about that specific niche and provide them with solutions using your own words.

Do this and you are on your way to generating a good, trusting, loyal, buying email list. Your free ebook or report should begin the process of establishing a relationship with your audience. Your emails continue that relationship process to further enhance credibility and trust.

In order to make your free product available to the public, create a landing page to give away the product in exchange for their email. A landing page is any webpage where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. In your case, it’s getting people to subscribe to your email list.

This is the place where you reel the customers in and start to get your business booming. You’ve seen them before. Sales pages where you provide your email in exchange for some kind of “service”. Since people are used to seeing these kinds of sites all the time, it’s difficult to gain public trust and not appear as just another one of those “scam” sites.

That’s why your landing page can’t look like a typical landing page. Make your landing page look like a resource page with videos and content so that people are in there to find information, not a page that looks like all it wants is name and email. This content should explain exactly what the problem is, how it feels to be in that predicament, and ways to solve the problem.

If you reward people with this information, they will reward you with their email so they can learn more through the eBook, report, or video you provide to them. The landing page is the first point where your audience will make a connection with you. The platforms you use to bring in that traffic to the landing page like videos, search engines, social media, podcasts, articles, are all just the introduction.

The landing page is where you create that connection and where people ask themselves if it is worth it to give up their email address. The landing page should have lots of information about the product you provide to them and how it will specifically benefit them.

Don’t have your offer only revolve around just one ebook or product, however. Tell them what else they are getting when they sign up. Let them know what type of content you will be provided in your emails and how it will benefit them to subscribe.

Make sure to have a picture of yourself or your business team on the landing page to increase credibility and a face behind the words. People want to see a human element behind the scenes and not just a programmed automatic email generator. Remember, the landing page is not a hard sell. It is a valuable resource.

The final basic thing you need to know about how to build a big email list is to set up an autoresponder.

Autoresponders are software platforms that enable you to mail large amounts of people automatically. For your email campaigns, you can write a series of emails and schedule them in a sequence to go out to your subscribers. The autoresponder is what determines who your prospects are and who your buyers are.

The autoresponder provides useful information in a timely manner that isn’t overbearing to the customer and contains info that is intriguing enough for them to open the email. This is also where products and offers can be pitched.

A good autoresponder to use is Get Response. It’s what I use. The emails you send out have a higher rate of going to the subscriber inbox with Get Response than they do with the others. This is really important because you want your message to end up in as many inboxes as possible. Emails that go to the spam and junk folders are often unseen. Get Response also has plenty of tools you can use to make your emails look professional.

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So I hope this gives you a better understanding of why a big email list matters in the world of online marketing. Remember that while the numbers of subscribers are important, you’re not going to get anywhere with them if you don’t provide unique, valuable information and market yourself as a trustworthy and reliable expert to your audience.

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