5 ways to improve your calligraphy skills

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Stuck? Are you in the “what now” stage? Or just looking for ways to get better – improve your calligraphy skills. There are a few things you could do to get better at it. And this post will tell you that. I’ve been there. I’ve been stuck. I kept on wondering what else can I do to get better. I tried different things. That’s why I made this.

Here are a few things you could do to improve your calligraphy skills:

Imitate works of others.

I always encourage you to search for your favorite calligraphers or you could do what I do, I use Pinterest. I search for whatever phrase or quote that resonates with me and write copy it. I copy to learn. But if you’re into Instagram more, here are a few calligraphers you could follow.

Here are a few people you could follow:

  • @swellafternooncalligraphy – her style is so elegant and fancy. It’s because she uses dip pens. check out how she flourishes. no need for other fancy designs. her writing is enough.
  • @oak_joy – you might also like this account. she sells her craft online. she focuses on event signages, home decors and other decorations for whatever occasions.
  • @foxcalligraphy – she’s more into watercolor calligraphy but also uses brush pens. She also loves to do a lot of lettering. She got tons of video too. So, you can check out how she makes those strokes.
  • @logos_calligrapher – she is a left-handed calligrapher. She mostly uses dip pens and she’s really good at making flourishes. She even teaches calligraphy. Check her out.

Buy or use worksheets

There’s a lot of calligraphers giving out worksheets online. I give free worksheets too. You can find them on the downloads button. But, if you don’t find them or any of the worksheets you found online satisfactory, then maybe you’d like these ones:

Attend workshops

There are tons of workshops you could do. Just google calligraphy workshops plus the state or city you live and you might just get lucky and have workshops near you. You could also go to Youtube. There are so many calligraphers who share their work and teach you how to do it.

Read books

That’s another way to get better – read some books. I’ve read a book about calligraphy. Though the book I bought wasn’t primarily on calligraphy, I still found it useful. I’ve found these books online and thought they really might be helpful.

Practice again and again

There’s a reason why it’s called a skill. It’s a skill because you have to do it over and over again to get better. You get better by practice.

you hone your skill. nothing beats practice. you’ll always get better when you keep doing it. there is no downside to doing it over and over and over again. Just upsides and that is the mastery of a skill.

Many calligraphers, artists, writers, have gotten from good to great because they gave their time to that skill. I remember this story about Pablo Picasso.

He was walking down the street in Paris one day when a woman recognized and approached him. After introducing herself and praising his work, she asked if he would consider drawing her and offered to pay him a piece.

He agreed and the woman sat down on the side of the street and he started sketching. After a few minutes, Picasso finished the drawing, handed the piece to the woman, and said, “That will be five thousand francs.” Surprised, the woman then replied, “but Mr. Picasso, it took you only a few minutes” Picasso smiled and said, “No, my dear woman, you are mistaken, it took me a whole lifetime.”

That’s one of my favorite stories ever. Some take for granted the hard work people do to get to where they are not. they only see the surface. They only see the tip of the iceberg. Not realizing the depth of it. Artists like Picasso never forget. Because most of them give their whole lives to their craft.

I don’t know how much you love calligraphy. Or if this is just a passing hobby. But if you’re reading this part then I know you want to get better. So I suggest to get your paper, take out your calligraphy pens or brushes and start writing. practice. practice. practice.

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