14 Best Websites to Make Money Online

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Would you like to see 14 websites to Make Money Online & that are proven and the best websites to make money? No matter how much experience you have? Where do you live? All of these Web sites have sent money dialectically to my PayPal and bank account.

I know that they are proven to work. Especially websites number one, nine, and fourteen made me alive since income. So, I was able to quit my job. And I never need to work for someone else before. Thanks to these Web sites.

I also know personally a lot of people that are using these Web sites to make money every single day. So, if you appreciate that I reveal these websites to you and I help you to make money online, make sure to show some love, share this article.

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And let’s dive into these websites right away. Let me know in the comments which one of these websites you are going to use to make money from home.

No #01: Wealthy Affiliate

The first Web site that I want to mention to you is called Wealthy Affiliate. And I tell you this first because it was the first Web site where I got started.

It’s for a complete beginner without any prior experience. And it enabled me to make a full-time income, thousands of dollars every single month online. I have also seen firsthand hundreds, if not thousands of people starting as complete beginners and making a life-setting income by following the Wealthy Affiliate training. So this is my best recommendation for beginners because it’s proven to work in my own life and in many other people’s lives.

Here is one of the best tutorials for you where you can learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Download our free tips and tricks on Wealthy Affiliate from the link below.

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No #2: Fiverr.com

Number two is called Fiverr.com. I got started on this Web site a couple of years ago. How I made money on this Web site was that I can write articles. So, somebody contacted me. They said, hey, would you like to write articles for us about this topic And I brought them those articles. So, we’re going to simply make money by typing with our fingers.

You can also make money in many other ways because it’s a huge freelance platform where you can provide any skills that you have to make money. There are millions of people on this platform. Nowadays I use fiverr.com for buying services from other people.

So, somebody else will earn money and I pay them for doing that.

No #03: One Hour Translation

Website number three is called One Hour Translation. This Web site paid me surprisingly well. In the end, when I was using this Web site, I was making on average, around fifteen dollars per hour. My record was 210 dollars in three hours. So, it was around seventy dollars per hour. However, I stopped using this Web site because it was not building my online business and I was working for someone else.

And I felt like I was not growing professionally and personally. And I wanted to provide value for you and other people. And I felt like by doing translation, I wasn’t able to contribute as much as, for example, by creating these articles and helping you to make money online.

No #04: Swagbucks

Website number four is called Swagbucks. This is one of the most popular Web sites of all, but they pay a little. For example, I have earned around 15 dollars from Swagbucks, because I haven’t used it a lot. On that website, You’re going to make money by doing surveys, clicking ads, or doing this kind of simple thing. All the time cause they have paid already dense of millions of dollars to their members. Swagbucks is probably the most popular survey site in the whole world.

No #05: Stock Brokerage Website

Web site number five is the Stock Brokerage Website. So, I use one Web site to buy and hold stocks in the stock market. You can go to google.com or YouTube.com and search for stock Brokerage in your own country, for example, the best stock brokers in the United States.

There are, for example, interactive brokers. With these websites, you can invest money in the stock market and you can earn dividends, that companies pay. You can also earn money when the value of the stock goes up and you can sell it for a higher price.

But before you get started investing money in the stock market, I recommend that you pick a couple of books and study this subject carefully so you don’t lose any money, but you earn money.

No #06: My websites

Number six, the websites that I have created. Sometimes you don’t even need to use, other people’s web site. And when you create your own website, you have complete control.

So, I’ve created a few websites that make me money every single month. Even if I would be sleeping nowadays.

No #07: Toluna

Number seven, Toluna, this Web site on this list, I don’t actually recommend it was one of the first websites where I made money simply by answering service.

So how this Web site works, is that they sent you an e-mail that, hey, there is a survey available, then you answer questions in the survey. You earn points for that survey. And once you have enough points, you cast them out and earn money. But the tendency is that it pays a little amount of money and there are not many surveys available.

No #08: YouTube.com

Number eight, youtube.com. So, youtube pays me some money. When people watch my videos and they click ads on the videos. That is so-called passive income. So, once you upload the videos to YouTube, they will be there forever and you can make money even while you are not working anymore.

No #09: GetResponse

This website has actually made me a lot of money, even though I don’t directly earn money from that Web site. But it is a tool that enables me to earn money. And it’s called Getresponse.com. It is an email to all the responder providers that enables me to send emails to tens of thousands of people automatically.

So, I write the e-mails and then I was scared when they will send out e-mails and it will be sent to tens of thousands of people. And personally, I have made a lot of money online by sending simple e-mails. And if you want to learn that please read our Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing for Business!

No #10 Udemy.com

Number 10 is Udemy.com. Nowadays I don’t actually use Udemy, but in the past, I created some courses there and I earn some money for that.

And still, some of those courses send me money every now and then. So, it’s a huge platform where you can create courses and you can earn money when people buy those courses.

A great thing about Udemy is that they promote your courses once you create courses on their platform. However, the drawback is that they’re always running some sort of promotions, so you cannot set your price higher or usefully than, let’s say, ten to fifteen dollars.

So that’s a drawback. But I have seen some people making even more than ten thousand dollars per month on Udemy if they create several courses.

No#11: Earnably

Website number eleven is called Earnably. Earnably goes to the same category with Toluna and Suagbacks, it doesn’t pay a lot.

But it’s so-called easy money because you can make money by answering service, watching videos and doing this kind of simple task.

Again, it’s not one of those Web sites that I highly recommend, but it’s one of those Web sites that gave easy money.

No #12: Teachable.com

Website number 12 is Teachable.com. This is a little bit similar, a platform like Udemy.

So you can create online courses here. And when people buy those courses, you will make money. However, on this platform, you are hosting your courses and then you can define the price. On udemy.com they put your price to ten to fifteen dollars per course. But on Teachable.com, you can sell your courses at any price you want. So, the earning potential is much bigger if you will host your courses on Teachable.com.

And I know people who have Teachable.com to make really big money. For example, Jerry is from Taiwan. He made more than one hundred thousand dollars in one week when he launched his course on Teachable.com.

No# 13: Cryptocurrency Broker

Website number 13 is called the Cryptocurrency Brokerage website. Where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. And again, this is one of those risky ones. So, if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to know that and study the subject for the long term.

Personally, I think that Bitcoin is the strongest one. It will last for years and years. But when you’re investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to know that you can either make money or lose money because I have made tons of money within a short period of time, but I have also lost a lot of money within a short Period of time with these Web sites.

No #14: Legendary Market

Last but definitely not least, help me to make up. Three thousand dollars in a day. I found this Web site in 2008 until 21. It’s called Legendary Market. Legendary Market provides online business training also for beginners who don’t have any prior experience in building an online business. It’s created by David, who has made more than 250 million dollars in sales on the Internet.

He is one of the leading internal markets in the world, according to Forbes.com. And he has created this Web site and this allows you and me, How to make income online?

Legendary Market, Wealthy Affiliate and Getresponse be the most important tools and training that help me to make a lasting income online.

So, I don’t need to work for somebody else anymore. And I highly recommend those ones for you, especially if you are just starting out. You’ll make money online journey.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know in the comments. Which one of those best websites to make money you are going to use to make money online? I would love to hear from you.

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