Become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course!

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Learn everything you need to know to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in just ONE course. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, Web3, and DApps are all covered in depth.

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know to become a Full-Stack Web Developer. With this course, you’ll be able to get the skills you need to start your own web development business or get a high-paying job as a web developer.

Become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course! HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, React, MongoDB, Web3 and DApps

A full-stack web developer is in high demand. Companies are looking for developers who can build and maintain websites. The demand for full-stack web developers is only going to increase in the coming years.

The good news is that you don’t need years of experience or a college degree to become a full-stack web developer. You can get started with just one course.

The Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu is one of the best courses for getting started as a full-stack web developer. The course is comprehensive and covers everything from HTML and CSS to Node.js and React.js.

The course is also affordable and you can get started today. So, if you’re looking to become a full-stack web developer, don’t delay. Enroll in the Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp today.

Description of Becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer Course

If you’re looking to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer, the Complete Web Development Bootcamp is the course for you. With over 150,000 ratings and a 4.8 average, it’s one of the highest-rated courses on Udemy.

This Web Development course is one of the most comprehensive courses available online, offering over 65 hours of content. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your skillset, this course will take you from start to finish. Here’s what makes it so comprehensive:

  • The course is taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London’s leading in-person programming Bootcamp. The instructor is a professional programmer with years of experience in the industry. The course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional programmer.
  • This course is comprehensive and provides numerous resources, including animated explanation videos and real-world projects, to help you learn the material.
  • The curriculum was developed over a period of four years, with comprehensive student testing and feedback. They have taught over a million students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by becoming professional developers or starting their own tech startup.
  • You can save over $12,000 by enrolling in our online BootCamp, but you’ll still get access to the same high-quality teaching materials and learn from the same experienced instructors using the same curriculum. Plus, the course is constantly updated with new content, projects, and modules based on feedback from students.
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp will take you through engaging video tutorials that teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a web developer. The course includes over 65 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world websites and web apps.

Throughout this comprehensive course, They cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including

Front-End Web Development:

Front-end web development is any web development that the user will see and interact with. Front end web developers create user interfaces by designing, testing, and debugging websites.


HTML 5 is a standard for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web. It’s what websites, mobile apps, and video games use for making content readable on computers, mobile devices, tablets, and other digital media.


CSS 3 is shorthand for cascading style sheets. It’s basically a language that web designers use to create websites. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It’s a language that web designers use to change the look of websites.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It offers features for responsive design, grid system, fluid grid, flexbox, font-awesome, and more.

Javascript ES6

ES6 is short for ECMAScript 6. It was officially added to ECMAScript in 2015.

ES6 is a JavaScript standard that was developed after ECMAScript 2015. It contains new language features, many of which are aimed at making the code more readable and maintainable.

ES6 is a superset of ES5, which was the last version of ECMAScript. JavaScript developers can start using ES6 right away, since they can use ES6 in today’s browsers and transpilers.

DOM Manipulation

DOM manipulation is the process by which a developer changes the Document Object Model (DOM) of a page. This can happen when an element or an attribute is “edited,” or changed, or deleted.


jQuery is a library that helps you make dynamic web pages. It lets you do more than just change text, javascript, and CSS. You can use jQuery to make resizable windows, animations, and sliding panels.

Bash Command Line

Bash is a command line interpreter or shell. This is a subsystem of the Unix operating system, and Bash is the leading shell used on Linux, Solaris, macOS, AIX/POWER, HP-UX, z/OS, OpenVMS, and many Unix variants.

Git, GitHub and Version Control

Git is a distributed revision control system designed to keep track of changes in computer source code, documentation, and other files. It is typically used to manage software projects and documents, although other content types are supported.

Git is a distributed version control system. This means that the latest version of a file is kept on all of your computers (or devices). If you were to lose a laptop, for example, you could download the latest version of the file from another computer.

GitHub is a website that hosts Git repositories for free. GitHub also allows users to manage projects, add users, and collaborate via Git.

Backend Web Development

Backend web development is the development of software that runs behind a web page. It is the website’s server that renders the page. The backend developer’s responsibilities include writing the code for a webpage, as well as its web.config, .htaccess, and database files.


Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime created by Ryan Dahl. It is built and used by the application developers, especially by Google (Scrapbook), Facebook, and LinkedIn. Node.js is open-source. It is released under Mozilla Public License version 2.0.


NPM is short for Node Package Manager, and it’s an amazing node-based package manager. In short, NPM allows you to install npm packages, which are separate, individual node modules. NPM is the basis of Node.js, and it’s probably one of the most useful components when it comes to node development.


Express.js is middleware for Node.js which was developed by Ryan Dahl. It stands for “express” and “resource”. Express.js is like the middleware in front of a website. It sits between the server and the client.


EJS is a Javascript anti debugger. Its provides (almost) all the elbow room needed for a web application to still be usable.


REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a design pattern for distributed object systems. The idea basically states that there are two major components of a distributed application.

The first component is a collection of (object) data, which are typically stored in some data repository. The second component is some kind of a mechanism for accessing the data. REST defines a simple, standardized architecture for defining access mechanisms.


Application Program Interface (API) defines a set of predefined functions and resources to provide an interface between an application layer and a software framework.


A database is a system that holds a collection of data or information. Databases can be categorized in two different ways:

  1. Structured database: A structured database uses a specific set of data models to organize and structure the data.
  2. Unstructured database: An unstructured database doesn’t use a specific data model to organize the data.


React.js is a JavaScript library that is used for building interactive user interfaces. It was released in 2014 and was created by Facebook. It is incredibly fast and has excellent documentation.

If you’re looking to become a web developer, this course is for you. By the end, you’ll be able to fluently program and build any website you can dream of. Plus, you’ll have a portfolio of over 32 websites to show off to potential employers. Whether you’re looking to change careers or start your own business, this course will give you the skills you need to succeed.

What you’ll learn in this Become a Full-Stack Web Developer Course

  1. There are 16 web development projects in this portfolio, each one showcasing the skills necessary to qualify for a junior developer role.
  2. You will become proficient in both front and back-end development, becoming a full-stack developer by the end of the course.
  3. Develop complete websites and web apps for your startup or business. Get the most out of frontend development with React.
  4. You will be kept up-to-date with the latest technologies, including Javascript, React, Node and even Web3 development.
  5. This course will teach you the best practices for professional website development. After completing the course, you will have the skills necessary to build any type of website you desire.
  6. As a freelance web developer, you will be able to work with a variety of backend development tools, including Node. With Node, you will be able to create highly scalable applications that can handle large amounts of data. In addition, you will be able to use a variety of development tools to create custom applications.

Requirements For becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer Course

No programming experience is necessary – comprehensive training will be provided. All that is required is a computer with internet access. No expensive software is needed. They will guide you through the installation and setup process step-by-step.

Who this course is for?

Whether you’re looking to start a new career in coding or simply want to learn how to build fun and useful projects, this course is perfect for you. You’ll learn the basics of coding through engaging and practical exercises, so you can start coding right away. And, you’ll be able to put your new skills to use by building projects that are both fun and useful. So, if you’re ready to learn to code, sign up for this course today.

f you are a seasoned programmer, then this course is perfect for you to get up to speed quickly with the latest frameworks and NodeJS. In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to learn all the new features and benefits of these frameworks and be able to use them in your own projects.

If you want to learn everything you need to know about web development in just one course, this is the course for you. It covers all the essential topics, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript. You’ll also learn about server-side development, databases, and user experience. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build complex, dynamic websites from scratch.

FULL money-back guarantee

Remember… you can try this course risk-free for 30 days! If you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back. So why not give it a try? Click the enroll now button and join the world’s highest-rated web development course today!

Conclusion Become a Full-Stack Web Developer with just ONE course

In conclusion, “If you lack programming skills, we urge you to enroll now. The earlier you get started, the sooner you’ll start earning. We have students making over $30,000 a year, and most of them started right after they finished this course.”

Enroll in the course now!

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